Three Lakes
  • chevron_rightHow can I reserve the Clubhouse?
    You can reserve the clubhouse under the Reservations section of our website. If you need assistance, email threelakesestates@gmail.com .
  • chevron_rightHow do I access Lake Cortez?
    There is no public access to Lake Cortez. However, the Three Lakes community owns two parks with water access. Ziebell Park is located at 2930 Riviera Blvd. Point Park is located at the cul de sac at 3104 Bermuda Street.
    These parks are for the exclusive use of Three Lakes residents. Trespassing is regularly enforced.
    Residents may store a boat at either park as long as the boat has a Three Lakes Boat Tag which can be purchased for $3. Send an email to threelakesestates@gmail.com or call 741-1013 to get a boat tag.
  • chevron_rightHow much are annual dues?
    Annual dues are $125 per lot. Although payment is due upon receipt of an invoice (usually in January), late fees aren't applied until after June 1. Late fees are $1.25/month. So as an example, if you pay your dues on June 1, you would owe $125. If you pay on June 2, you would owe $131.25 ($125 + $6.25 in late fees from January, February, March, April, and May).